Order of the Caribbean Community (OCC)

The Order of the Caribbean Community is an award given to “Caribbean nationals whose legacy in the economic, political, social and cultural metamorphoses of Caribbean society is phenomenal”

The award was initiated at the Eighth (8th) Conference of Heads of State and Governments of CARICOM in 1987 and began bestowal in 1992.

Decisions as to award are taken by the Advisory Committee for the Order of the Caribbean Community

The Insignia of the O.C.C. set in gold and the Ribbon of the Order are presented to those honoured.

Privileges and entitlements

There are some privileges and entitlements invested upon the recipients. Some of these are as follows:

The award confers the styling The Honourable upon the recipient and Post-nominals O.C.C.

Members of the Order are accorded the privilege of free movement among Member States of the Community and are issued with a travel document which is assigned similar status to a diplomatic passport.

The right to reside in and be gainfully employed in any Member State, as well as the right to acquire and dispose of property, as would citizens of Member States, are entitlements granted to Members of the Order.

  • Photo of Hon George Lamming

    Hon George Lamming

    CHB : CITATION FOR THE ORDER OF THE CARIBBEAN COMMUNITY 2008 George Lamming, poet, novelist, essay writer, orator, lecturer, teacher, editor and tireless activist for a new world-order and a New-World order, seems to have entered the world of Caribbean letters as an elder statesman. Born on June 8, 1927 in Carrington Village, Barbados, Lamming attended Roebuck’s Boys’ School from…

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  • Photo of Hon Kamaluddin Mohammed

    Hon Kamaluddin Mohammed

    Kamaluddin Mohammed, former Trinidad and Tobago cabinet minister and ambassador to CARICOM, is this year’s recipient of the region’s highest award, the Order of the Caribbean Community (OCC).The Conference of Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community, at its 33rd Regular Meeting in Saint Lucia, conferred this honour for the decisive role Mohammed played in the’ Replanting of the Caribbean…

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  • Photo of Hon Percival Noel James Patterson

    Hon Percival Noel James Patterson

    THE MOST HONOURABLE P. J. PATTERSON, ON, PC, OE, QC UPON BEING AWARDED THE ORDER OF THE CARIBBEAN COMMUNITY (OCC), 2 JULY 2009As I join the pantheon of previous recipients who have made their indelible stamp on the rich tapestry of the Caribbean in the fields of academia, learning, literature, law, sports, medicine, political and institutional leadership, I feel proud…

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  • Photo of Justice P. Telford Georges

    Justice P. Telford Georges

    As one of the Caribbean’s most respected legal luminaries, Justice P. Telford Georges of Dominica was an automatic choice for the award of the OCC at the second conferment in 1994. Professionally, Justice Georges boasts a brilliant career in the legal field serving the Region as a Judge of the High Court and Acting Justice of Appeal of Trinidad and…

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  • Photo of Lloyd Algernon Best

    Lloyd Algernon Best

    Lloyd Algernon Best, one of Trinidad and Tobago’s most acclaimed intellectuals, is the recipient of the OCC, conferred in 2002. Described as “economist, politician, publicist, political commentator, philosopher and ‘doctor of doctor politics'”, Lloyd Best developed an intimate relationship with the University of the West Indies, beginning his illustrious multifaceted career as a Junior Research Fellow in 1958 at the…

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  • Photo of Michael Norman Manley

    Michael Norman Manley

    For his outstanding contribution to the Caribbean as a political leader and social reformer, the OCC was conferred on Jamaica’s fourth Prime Minister, Michael Norman Manley, and son of Jamaica’s national hero Norman Washington Manley, in 1994. As an agitator and champion of the cause of the working class, he entered Jamaica’s political arena via the trade union movement, with…

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  • Photo of Prof Hon Ralston ‘REX’ Nettleford

    Prof Hon Ralston ‘REX’ Nettleford

    CITATION FOR THE ORDER OF THE CARIBBEAN COMMUNITY, 2008 The computer was a mere thought in 1933, the year Rex Nettleford was born in the parish of Trelawny on the edge of Jamaica’s Cockpit Country. In those days, babies googled when they were fed and felt content – as, no doubt, did baby Nettleford whose mother lavished him with loving…

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  • Photo of Rt. Hon. George Price

    Rt. Hon. George Price

    “His passion for the Caribbean cradled the Central American State of Belize into the arms of the Community” – words of introduction in the citation given for the Rt. Honourable George Cadle Price, “Father of the Nation” of Belize and OCC Awardee of 2001. The political record of this great statesman dates back to CARIFTA, the precursor of the Caribbean…

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  • Photo of Rt. Hon. Vere Cornwall Bird

    Rt. Hon. Vere Cornwall Bird

    The charismatic career of the Rt. Hon. Vere Cornwall Bird embodied a long tradition of outstanding and dedicated political leadership in Antigua and Barbuda, his country of birth. It was therefore fitting that he was nominated by his country and awarded the OCC at the third conferment in 1998. It was on behalf of the struggling working class in Antigua…

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  • Photo of Sir Philip Manderson Sherlock

    Sir Philip Manderson Sherlock

    A Jamaican by birth, Sir Philip Manderson Sherlock has been described in the citation for the conferment of his OCC award in 1998 as “the complete Caribbean father figure, an inspiration to generations who knew him and served with him”. A remarkable Caribbean scholar and educationist, Sir Philip is best known for his long and dedicated service as a member…

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