Michael Norman Manley

Regional Award:
Order of the Caribbean Community (OCC)
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Michael Norman Manley

For his outstanding contribution to the Caribbean as a political leader and social reformer, the OCC was conferred on Jamaica’s fourth Prime Minister, Michael Norman Manley, and son of Jamaica’s national hero Norman Washington Manley, in 1994.

As an agitator and champion of the cause of the working class, he entered Jamaica’s political arena via the trade union movement, with a strong leadership background as President of the National Workers’ Union of Jamaica and President of the Caribbean Mine Workers’ Federation which he founded.

In 1969, he was elected President of the People’s National Party and Leader of the Opposition, and the fourth Prime Minister of Jamaica in 1972.

Michael Manley served two more elected terms of office as President of Jamaica in 1976 and 1989. His Premiership brought about significant social reform in Jamaican society, including the introduction of a national minimum wage, paid maternity leave, equal pay for women and free education from Nursery to University.

He is among the league of the Caribbean stalwarts of integration and is classified as “one of the architects of the Caribbean Community”.

Known as a protagonist for the creation of a New International Economic Order, he has been vocal on Third World issues and was instrumental in the creation of the Association of Caribbean States.

Michael Manley has been engaged in the work of various regional and international bodies such as UNESCO and the EEC on matters pertaining, inter alia, to education and Caribbean tourism.

His outstanding career as political leader, integrationist, trade unionist and advocate for social reform has been rewarded with several high honours including the Order of Merit of Jamaica, the United Nations Gold Medal for his advocacy against apartheid, and the Joliot Curie Peace Award of the World Peace Council.

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