• Photo of Odane Brooks

    Odane Brooks

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  • Photo of Christal Parris

    Christal Parris

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  • Photo of CARIFESTA – Caribbean Festival of Arts

    CARIFESTA – Caribbean Festival of Arts

    The Caribbean Festival of Arts (CARIFESTA) is a roving multi-disciplinary art festival which has been held in various CARICOM countries since its establishment in 1972. It is  a regional forum where artists, performers and  other  persons in the  field of  culture meet and  exchange  ideas through presentations  of  music, dance, drama, exhibitions on art, sculpture, poetry and  symposia, among others.…

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  • Photo of Dr. Lucille Mathurin Mair

    Dr. Lucille Mathurin Mair

    Dr. Lucille Mathurin Mair is undoubtedly a Caribbean citizen of great intellectual stature and high international repute and of whom all the Caribbean is proud. For her outstanding service as a diplomat, scholar and women’s rights activist she was accorded the highly deserved honour of fifth recipient of the CARICOM Triennial Award in 1996. In response to her career urgings,…

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  • Photo of Hon Percival Noel James Patterson

    Hon Percival Noel James Patterson

    THE MOST HONOURABLE P. J. PATTERSON, ON, PC, OE, QC UPON BEING AWARDED THE ORDER OF THE CARIBBEAN COMMUNITY (OCC), 2 JULY 2009As I join the pantheon of previous recipients who have made their indelible stamp on the rich tapestry of the Caribbean in the fields of academia, learning, literature, law, sports, medicine, political and institutional leadership, I feel proud…

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  • Photo of Michael Norman Manley

    Michael Norman Manley

    For his outstanding contribution to the Caribbean as a political leader and social reformer, the OCC was conferred on Jamaica’s fourth Prime Minister, Michael Norman Manley, and son of Jamaica’s national hero Norman Washington Manley, in 1994. As an agitator and champion of the cause of the working class, he entered Jamaica’s political arena via the trade union movement, with…

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  • Photo of Prof Hon Ralston ‘REX’ Nettleford

    Prof Hon Ralston ‘REX’ Nettleford

    CITATION FOR THE ORDER OF THE CARIBBEAN COMMUNITY, 2008 The computer was a mere thought in 1933, the year Rex Nettleford was born in the parish of Trelawny on the edge of Jamaica’s Cockpit Country. In those days, babies googled when they were fed and felt content – as, no doubt, did baby Nettleford whose mother lavished him with loving…

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  • Photo of Professor Barbara Evelyn Bailey

    Professor Barbara Evelyn Bailey

    CITATION IN HONOUR OF PROFESSOR BARBARA BAILEY ON THE OCCASION OF THE PRESENTATION OF THE NINTH CARICOM TRIENNIAL AWARD FOR WOMEN, 1 JULY 2008, DICKENSON BAY, ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA Professor Barbara Evelyn Bailey, Jamaican by birth and a Caribbean woman by disposition, has distinguished herself as an educator and as an advocate of gender equality and equity in the Caribbean…

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  • Photo of Shirley Pryce

    Shirley Pryce

    Ms. Shirley Pryce, a veteran advocate for Domestic workers right, motivational speaker and an “example of women’s empowerment”, joins the rank of some of the Caribbean’s most excellent and exemplary, courageous, committed and creative women. She is the recipient of the Twelfth Triennial Award for Women and, understandably, the conferral, is one of the signal highlights of the livestreamed, official…

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  • Photo of Sir Philip Manderson Sherlock

    Sir Philip Manderson Sherlock

    A Jamaican by birth, Sir Philip Manderson Sherlock has been described in the citation for the conferment of his OCC award in 1998 as “the complete Caribbean father figure, an inspiration to generations who knew him and served with him”. A remarkable Caribbean scholar and educationist, Sir Philip is best known for his long and dedicated service as a member…

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