The Community Council of Ministers

The Community Council, which comprises Ministers responsible for CARICOM Affairs in Member States, is the second highest organ of the Community. In keeping with the provisions of Article 13 of the Revised Treaty, it has “…. primary responsibility for the development of Community strategic planning and coordination in the areas of economic integration, functional cooperation [Human and Social Development] and external relations” in accordance with the policy directions established by the Conference. Article 13 of the Revised Treaty defines the functions of the Community Council.

Among its other functions, the Community Council serves as a preparatory body for the meetings of the Conference including the preparation of the Provisional Agenda. The Rules of Procedure of this Organ stipulates that meetings are held at least one (1) month prior to the meetings of the Conference of Heads of Government. Matters emanating from the deliberations of the Organs of the Community which are proposed for consideration by Heads of Government, are first submitted to the Community Council for consideration. The Community Council may sign-off on these matters or refer them to the Conference. The Community Council also has responsibility to “examine and approve the Community budget, as well as mobilise and allocate resources for the implementation of Community plans and programmes.”

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