International Development Partners

Several Community programmes and projects  are   implemented through technical cooperation with third countries and multilateral agencies (collectively referred to as international development partners – IDPs). The support from the IDP is through the provision of human and/or financial resources.


The Community has technical cooperation relations with both long-standing traditional IDPs as well as newly emerging ones.  There is also a range of multilateral organisations with which the Community has technical cooperation relations.


The Community also benefits from South-south cooperation – an increasing trend among developing countries to establish cooperation mechanisms to assist each other. Countries in the forefront of this recent thrust include those in Central and South American, Cuba and India.


The table below lists the countries and multilateral agencies with which the Community, through the. CARICOM  Secretariat, has cooperation relations.



Traditional Country Donors Emerging Country Donors Multi-lateral Agencies
Canada South Korea IDB
United Kingdom India CDB
USA Singapore World Bank
Spain Mexico Commonwealth Secretariat
Italy Brazil UNDP
Germany Chile United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP)
Japan Argentina Global Environment Fund (GEF)
Australia Cuba United Nations Development Fund for Women UNIFEM)
European Union Turkey United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)
Austria Russia The United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (UNECLAC)
  Kazakhstan United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF)
    Center for Disease Control (CDC)
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