Mr. Joseph Tyndall

Ambassador Mr. Joseph Tyndall



1977 - 1978
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Ambassador Mr. Joseph Tyndall

Mr. Joseph Tyndall, a Guyanese national, acted in the capacity of Secretary-General of CARICOM from 1977-1978.  

Mr. Tyndall pursued studies in philosophy and economics, and public administration at Exeter University and Bristol University, in England, respectively. Prior to joining the Secretariat, he served in several capacities in the public service of Guyana, including as Assistant Secretary, Ministry of Development and Planning, and at the Ministry of Trade and Industry, as Principal Assistant Secretary at the Ministry of Trade and Industry, and as Secretary, Bank of Guyana. He became Minister of Trade and Industry and later, Minister of Agriculture.  

He was seconded to the then Commonwealth Caribbean Regional Secretariat in 1968 as Chief Economist, shortly after the Secretariat was established at Colgrain House, Georgetown, Guyana, completing a tight core of seven staffers.  

He became Deputy Secretary-General and subsequently held the fort, acting as Secretary-General. sMr. Tyndall served as acting Secretary-General until Dr. Kurleigh King was appointed Secretary-General in 1979. 

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