• Photo of Dr. Carla Natalie Barnett

    Dr. Carla Natalie Barnett

    Carla Natalie Barnett PhD CBE is the 8th Secretary General of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM). She assumed office on August 15, 2021. Dr. Barnett is an economist who has worked across the Caribbean including at the Caribbean Development Bank, as a Country Economist (1989-1990), and later as Vice President, Operations (2012-2014). She was also Deputy Secretary-General of CARICOM (1997-2002). Dr.…

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  • Photo of CARIFESTA – Caribbean Festival of Arts

    CARIFESTA – Caribbean Festival of Arts

    The Caribbean Festival of Arts (CARIFESTA) is a roving multi-disciplinary art festival which has been held in various CARICOM countries since its establishment in 1972. It is  a regional forum where artists, performers and  other  persons in the  field of  culture meet and  exchange  ideas through presentations  of  music, dance, drama, exhibitions on art, sculpture, poetry and  symposia, among others.…

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  • Photo of CARICOM Youth Ambassadors

    CARICOM Youth Ambassadors

    The CARICOM Youth Ambassador Programme was launched in Saint Lucia in 1993 by the Heads of Government to mark the Twentieth Anniversary of CARICOM and was formally instituted in 1994. Since its inception, the Youth Ambassador Programme has contributed to increased youth knowledge and awareness of CARICOM issues and priorities; has raised the profile of young people at the national…

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  • Photo of CARICOM Single Market and Economy

    CARICOM Single Market and Economy

    CSME stands for CARICOM Single Market & Economy. The CSME Unit of the CARICOM Secretariat is the impementation office which assists the Member States in fulfilling the requirements of the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas. The Caribbean Free Trade Area (CARIFTA) served as the governing body to remove tariffs and other barriers to intra-regional trade in Goods. In 1973, the CARIFTA agreement was…

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  • Photo of Rt. Hon. George Price

    Rt. Hon. George Price

    “His passion for the Caribbean cradled the Central American State of Belize into the arms of the Community” – words of introduction in the citation given for the Rt. Honourable George Cadle Price, “Father of the Nation” of Belize and OCC Awardee of 2001. The political record of this great statesman dates back to CARIFTA, the precursor of the Caribbean…

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  • Photo of Belize


    Key facts Date of Membership in CARICOM: 1 May 1974 Also Known as:Mother Nature’s Best Kept Secret Status of Independence:Independent 1981/09/21 Area: 22,966 km2; 8,867 miles Capital City: Belmopan Population: 344,700 (2010) Currency: Belizean Dollar (Bz$) Highest National Award: The Queen’s Award Economy GDP: EC$4,031Mn (2011) GDP Growth: 2.3% p.a. 2009–13 GNI: US$1.6bn GNI PC: US$4,660 GDP per Capita: EC$9.894…

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