Nobel Laureates

  • Photo of Sir Arthur Lewis

    Sir Arthur Lewis

    Sir W. Arthur Lewis, won a Nobel Prize in 1979 for pioneer­ing research on economic development in emerging countries.  A professor emeritus of political economy at Princeton, he died in his sleep at his home in Barbados. He published a book, “The Theory of Economic Growth,” in 1954 that is regarded as the seminal study in the field. Sir Arthur,…

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  • Photo of Dr. Derek Walcott

    Dr. Derek Walcott

    Described as the “Caribbean Community’s greatest poet, playwright and theatrical director”, Dr. Derek Walcott of Saint Lucia received the OCC during the first conferment in 1992. A literary laureate of high acclaim, Dr. Walcott received the coveted Nobel Prize for Literature in 1992 generating much pride among his fellow Caribbean citizens. His contribution to the cultural development of Caribbean society,…

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  • Photo of Vidiadhar Surajpra-sad Naipaul

    Vidiadhar Surajpra-sad Naipaul

    Vidiadhar Surajpra-sad Naipaul was born in1932 in Chaguanas, Trinidad, close to Port of Spain, in a family descended from immigrants from the north of India. His grandfather worked in a sugar cane plantation and his father was a journalist and writer. At the age of 18 Naipaul travelled to England where, after studying at University College at Oxford, be was…

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