Agreement Establishing CARPHA

Entry into Force: 02/07/2011


Agreement Establishing the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA), 1 June 2011, Georgetown, Guyana


The objectives of CARPHA shall be:

(a)      to promote the physical and mental health and wellness of people within the Caribbean;

(b)     to provide strategic direction, in analysing, defining and responding to public health priorities of the Caribbean Community;

(c)      to promote and develop measures for the prevention of disease in the Caribbean;

(d)      to support the Caribbean Community in preparing for and responding to public health emergencies;

(e)      to support solidarity in health, as one of the principal pillars of functional cooperation in the Caribbean Community; and

(f)      to support the relevant objectives of the CCH as approved by the Council.

Entry into Force: 02/07/2011

Date of Signature:

Antigua and Barbuda (1 June 2011)
The Bahamas (2 July 2011)
Belize (1 June 2011)
Grenada (1 June 2011)
Guyana (2 July 2011)
St. Kitts and Nevis (1 June 2011)
Saint Lucia (1 June 2011)
St. Vincent and the Grenadines (2 July 2011)
Suriname (2 July 2011)
Trinidad and Tobago (2 July 2011)

Date of Accession:

Anguilla (22 January 2016)
Aruba and Sint Maarten (8 May 2015)
Barbados (14 January 2012)
Bermuda (28 April 2016)
British Virgin Island (5 September 2012)
Cayman Islands (16 December 2016)
Curacao (19 October 2015)
Dominica (23 May 2016)
Haiti (19 March 2018)
Jamaica (5 July 2013)
Turks and Caicos Islands (1 June 2017)

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