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Statement by the Co-Chairs of the Every Caribbean Woman Every Caribbean Child Initiative On the occasion of the Observance of International Women’s Day 8 MARCH 2017

Today,  on  the  occasion  of  International   Women's   Day 2017, we  join  the  voices  of  the  global  community   to celebrate  our women  and girls, those we have recognized  as well  as our unsung heroines.


Despite the barriers,  women  have steadfastly  been the agents  of positive change in societies,  great  and small. It was therefore   only a natural  course that Caribbean Countries  were among the 192 nations  which  ratified  the 2030

Sustainable  Development  Goals (sDGs) in recognition  of the critical  importance  of empowering   not only women, but also adolescent  girls.


The Caribbean  is committed   to  advancing  the  equality  and well  being  of every woman,  every  girl,  every  child. Through  its Every Caribbean Women  Every Caribbean Child (ECWECC) Initiative,  launched  in 2015, it is committed to  reducing  teenage and adolescent  pregnancy; cervical cancer; mother  to child transmission  of HIV; and violence against  women  and children,  including  human trafficking.


As Co-Chairs of  the  ECWECC Action   Group  responsible  for  spearheading  and  accelerating   this  initiative,   we congratulate,     once again, the  First Ladies and Spouses of CARICOM Heads of Government   who  have agreed to champion  this cause and for  their  tireless work  at the  national  and community   levels. We thank  them  for their proactive   advocacy  and call to  arms to  empower  our women,  girls and adolescents.  We thank  them  for  being bold for  change.


We  express   our  appreciation    and  thanks  to  the  CARICOM  Heads of  Government   also  for   agreeing  to  be champions   of  this  initiative   and  the  related  “activities   focused   on  addressing  violence   against  women   and women's   and children's  health”.



We are confident   that with  strategic  partnerships,  including  the support  of our men and boys, a coordinated   and coherent  regional  strategy  and our commitment   to #be bold for  change, only bold changes could  result.


So on this occasion of international   women's  day, let us all  recommit   to our pledge to work  in solidarity   for  the health  and well  being of our women,  girls and children  and, in so doing, for the sustainable  development   of our


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