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Regional Workshop on Intra family and Domestic Violence

A Regional Workshop on Intra-family and Domestic Violence is currently being held at the CARICOM Secretariatin Georgetown, Guyana. The Regional Workshop, which is being held 20-22 June, targets statisticians and gender experts from all CARICOM Member States, as well as policy makers, law enforcement officers and shelter managers who work with victims/perpetrators of domestic/family.

At the end of the workshop, it is expected that participants will be able to identify gaps in the system data and know how best to close them. It is also expected that data will be properly dis-aggregated by sex and will adequately reflect women’s contribution to development so as to track trends over time.

The aim is also to foster a culture of cooperation among statisticians and technical experts working to decide the issues and how best to decipher the indicators, as well as to introduce participants to data gathering software.

The workshop also seeks to advance initiatives that are already in progress in the areas of Gender, Crime and Violence relative to the CARICOM Core list of global Indicators from the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, as approved by the Thirty-Fourth Meeting of the Council for Human and Social Development(COHSOD) in May 2018.


CARICOM Project Director, Regional Statistics, Dr. Philomen Harrison speaks at the workshop

CARICOM Assistant Secretary General, Human and Social Development, Dr. Douglas Slater, spoke at the opening of the workshop. In his remarks, Dr. Slater said intra-family and domestic violence was a bothering issue that affected family, national and regional development.

We know that violence and crime is an issue that is bothering us in the Region. Domestic violence is a part of that. Domestic violence leads to other forms of violence”, he said.

Dr. Slater  also spoke about the need for empirical data but acknowledged that due to the nature of the problem, it was difficult to acquire the real data.

The Regional Workshop comes under a CARIFORUM Project, Support for Crime and Violence Prevention and Social Development, Programme Estimate No.1 funded under the Tenth European Development Fund (EDF).

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