CARICOM-UNWomen Project “Caribbean Artists Against Gender Based Violence”

These creative products feature Caribbean Artists from Belize, Guyana and Suriname “UNiTEing” to End Violence Against Women, a project undertaken by CARICOM with support from UN WOMEN in 2011 in Suriname.

The overall objective of the project is to contribute to raising awareness on Gender Based Violence (GBV) in the Caribbean and in promoting positive attitudes and behaviour towards a more gender sensitive community through the use of edutainment. 

From this project the following products were delivered:

  • three public service announcements (PSAs) on GBV
  • an 11-minute documentary on Edutainment and Gender Based Violence
  • three jingles on GBV
  • one calypso song on GBV

Public Service Announcements:

  1. A message to end Physical Violence. Don’t hit, but talk!

Duration: 23 seconds

Artists:                  Dayaan Ellis – Belize

Roger Hinds – Guyana

Clarens Amatmoekri – Suriname

Elfriede Carla Chirill – Suriname

Joseph Tojo – Suriname

  1. A message to end Psychological Violence. I join…now it’s your turn!

Duration: 26 seconds

Artists:                  Desiree Diego – Belize

                                Sechitra (Fiona) Singh – Guyana

                                Mark Langaman – Suriname

                                Naresh Thakoeri – Suriname

                                Dewini Saiwinie – Suriname

  1. A message to end Sexual Violence. Let’s unite against rape…we have!

Duration: 35 seconds

Deon Johnson – Guyana

Miranda Austin – Guyana

Asgar Koster – Suriname

Xaviera Misiedjan – Suriname

Melissa Deel – Suriname

Documentary on Gender Based Violence:

The documentary highlights the workshop on gender-based violence held from 18 to 20 July 2011 in Paramaribo, Suriname. During three days, artists from Belize, Guyana and Suriname were being sensitized on gender and violence. They committed themselves to use their creative skills to raise awareness on the negative effects of gender-based violence. They wrote lyrics, composed a song and jingles, and performed, expressing the clear message: “Stop the violence!”

Duration: 11 minutes

Jingles on Gender Based Violenc:

  1. Jingle on Physical Violence

        Duration: 25 seconds

  1. Jingle on Psychological Violence

        Duration: 29 seconds

  1. Jingle on Sexual Violence

        Duration: 43 seconds

Calypso on Gender Based Violence:

Composer: Roger Hinds, Guyana

Duration: 5 minutes

(Publisher: CARICOM-UN WOMEN; Year of Release: First March 2012;

Second: February 2014)

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