Project Development Specialist

Closing Date: October 17, 2018


The main responsibilities of the Consultant will be as follows:
1. Participate in an inception meeting with the National Designated Authority (NDA) staff to discuss the methodology, work plan and clarify key issues.
2. Design and launch a “Request Call for Project Ideas” for regional private sector entities. Project ideas should be aligned with the GCF investment criteria and the GCF Private Sector Facility (PSF)
3. Evaluate and prioritise submitted project ideas using an agreed criteria. In collaboration with the NDA, a short-list of ten private sector entities (project proponents) will be established.
4. Design and develop training modules for short-listed private sector entities (project proponents). The module should focus on the impacts of climate change, criteria for accessing the GCF (including incremental costing methodology), project cycle and an in-depth session on project proposal conceptualisation and development.
5. Present the training module to NDA staff for feedback and approval.
6. Deliver two-day interactive training workshops for up to 10 private sector entities, utilising the training module outlined above, to assist the short-listed project proponents in transforming project ideas to the GCF project concept notes

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