Caribbean ACP-MEAS Project Phase III Implementation Matrix

Activities Proposed Regional Partners2 ANB BAH BAR CUB DCA DR GRE GUY HAT JA SKN SLU SVG SUR TNT 
Compilation of baseline report on implementation and reporting status of BRSM Conventions UNEP       
Training workshop for CITES designated national authorities on electronic control/management permits  CITES Secretariat  CRFM, CEP 
Development of simplified automated permit processes (single-window IT based) that is compatible with the e-cites tool to improve customs control of illegal wildlife  CITES Secretariat  Bahamas CITES Management Authority 
Training of competent regional/sub-regional authority on safe removal of mercury stockpile  BCRC       
Training workshop on monitoring and control of imports and exports of hazardous chemicals and wastes including mercury  BRSM Secretariats        
Participatory training workshops on development of assessment schemes for introduction of new chemicals  BRS Conventions       
Technical assistance to align the draft Caribbean Biodiversity Strategy with post-2020 Global Biodiversity Strategy LAC regional guidelines and NBSAPs and other MEAs obligations CEP 
Regional workshop to provide technical support to CITES and CMS national authorities in the priority countries to develop national legal frameworks to implement the Conventions CITES and CMS Secretariats   CEP 
Assessment of existing legal instruments for identification for gaps; provision of training on drafting of legal instruments, updating of national legal regulatory frameworks to fill the gaps, and preparation of National Implementation Plan (NIPs) BRS Secretariats   CEP, GEFIWECO, FAO  
Development of an annual course for negotiator’s, training of Caribbean region negotiators to meaningfully participate and contribute to Conventions’ negotiations   UNEP Law Division  OECS Commission InforMEA online platform, CMS, SPREP 
Regional seminars to promote sustainable management practices in the field of industrial chemicals and provision of knowledge and expertise through guidelines  BRS Conventions Secretariat and CEP 
Training workshop for Caribbean countries to make best use of various technical guidance on ESM of hazardous wastes (PoPs) Stockholm Convention Secretariat       
Ministerial consultation/forum to increase political will for the adoption of existing legislation on biosafety and other MEAs.  CBD Secretariat CEP OECS Commission 
Pre-COP workshop and post-COP technical support  OECS Commission.  
Develop an annual online course on emerging issues related to selected cluster of MEAs for practitioners – focus on marine species  CITES and CMS Secretariats, CEP; FAO and CRFM 
Targeted awareness raising for target audiences on environmentally sound disposal, and alternatives for mercury products and waste BCRC and MC Secretariat; other – EEB 
Dissemination  of State of Implementation of MEAs’ Report  
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