Entry into Force: 10/07/2018


CARICOM Arrest Warrant Treaty

Grenada, 5 July 2017


The objective of this Treaty is to establish, within the Caribbean Community, a system of arrest and surrender of requested persons for the purposes of conducting in respect of those persons a criminal prosecution for an applicable offence; or executing a custodial sentence or greater punishment where the requested persons have fled from justice after being convicted or sentenced for an applicable offence

Date of Ratification:

Barbados (7 May 2018)
Guyana (10 July 2018)
Grenada (7 June 2019)

Entry into Force: 10/07/2018

Date of Signature:

The Bahamas (27 February 2018)
Barbados (27 February 2018)
Dominica (5 July 2017)
Grenada (6 July 2017)
Guyana (6 July 2017)
Jamaica (6 July 2018)
St. Kitts and Nevis (6 July 2017)
Saint Lucia (6 July 2017)
Trinidad and Tobago (4 December

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