Agreement Relating to the Operation of the CARICOM Development Fund (CDF)

Entry into Force: 23/08/2013


Agreement Relating to the Operation of the CARICOM Development Fund (CDF)

St. Johns, Antigua and Barbuda, 4 July 2008


To provide for the operations of the development fund established by Article 158 of the Revised Treaty.

The CDF shall provide financial and technical assistance to disadvantaged countries, regions and sectors ad shall include assistance to address; economical, dislocation and other adverse economical impact arising from the operation the CSME; adverse social impact arising from the operations of The CSME; and structural diversification and infrastructural development needs; and facilitate regional investment promotion and mobilisation and business development and enterprise competitiveness.

Date of Ratification:

Antigua and Barbuda (17 September 2018)
Barbados (17 September 2013)
Belize (21 November 2017)
Dominica (16 February 2017)
Grenada (29 September 2015)
Guyana (23 July 2013)
St. Vincent and The Grenadines (15 May 2009)
Trinidad and Tobago (15 March 2010)

Entry into Force: 23/08/2013

Date of Signature:

Antigua and Barbuda (4 July 2008)
Barbados (4 July 2008)
Belize (4 July 2008)
Dominica (10 October 2008)
Grenada (13 March 2009)
Guyana (4 July 2008)
Jamaica (4 July 2008)
St Kitts & Nevis (13 March 2009)
Saint Lucia (13 March 2009)
St. Vincent and The Grenadines (4 July 2008)
Suriname (4 July 2008)
Trinidad and Tobago (4 July 2008)

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