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  • Photo of Government Says No To Recreational Marijuana Use

    Government Says No To Recreational Marijuana Use

    Even though the Unity Labour Party (ULP) administration is exploring its options in the production of marijuana for medicinal purposes, it is not currently prepared to legalize ‘weed’ for recreational purposes. “Unregulated consumption of recreational marijuana poses a number of risks and challenges that we do not currently have the data on which to make informed decisions, or the capacity…

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  • Photo of [Antigua] Lower House passes “ganja bill”

    [Antigua] Lower House passes “ganja bill”

    A bill to decriminalise up to 15 grammes of cannabis for personal use was passed in the House of Representatives on Tuesday. The Misuse of Drugs (Amendment) bill had its first reading in the House in December, but was subsequently sent to a select committee to allow for more public consultations. That engagement was held on January 23 with recommendations…

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