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The Special Topic Statistical Bulletin on COVID-19 in CARICOM Countries Issue 31, provides an update of the trajectory of the COVID-19 in the CARICOM Region up to 23 October 2020. The Bulletin provides information on the pattern of the disease of the total number of confirmed cases, new cases and deaths for each country and the total for CARICOM.

The data are preliminary and will be adjusted as more reliable data are made available.
The total number of confirmed cases for CARICOM countries as at 23 October is 43,458. The total number of deaths is 993, recovered cases, 30,827 and active cases, 11,521. If deaths all causes are counted for The Bahamas and Jamaica, then the total number of deaths of COVID-19 positive patients crosses the 1000 threshold with 1,033 deaths as at 23 October.

The number of new cases for 17-23 October was 2,242, a decrease of 85 as compared to 10-16 October. The countries that contributed significantly to the total number of new cases for the period 17-23 October were: The Bahamas, 724 (32 percent), Jamaica, 475 (21 percent), Belize, 322 (14 percent), Guyana, 288 (13 percent) and Trinidad and Tobago, 246 (11 percent).

Haiti had the highest number of confirmed cases with 9,015, followed by Jamaica with 8,670, The Bahamas follows with 6,352, Trinidad and Tobago, 5,487, Suriname, 5,155, Guyana, 3,960 and Belize, 3,050. Adjusting the number of confirmed cases for population size, the top five (5) countries for rates per 100,000 population are: Turks and Caicos Islands, 1692.49; The Bahamas, 1665.79; Suriname 884.22, Belize, 766.24 and Guyana, 534.41.
Haiti also has the highest number of deaths with 231, followed by Jamaica and The Bahamas with 212 and 146 respectively, with figures for both countries including deaths under investigation but excluding deaths of COVID-19 patients that were due to non-COVID-19 causes. Guyana follows with 117 deaths, Suriname, 109, Trinidad and
Tobago, 104 and Belize, 46.

Extract from the Special Statistical Bulletin, Issue 31

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