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Statement on Haiti

In spite of many, many meetings we have not yet been able to reach any form of consensus between the Government and the respective stakeholders in the Opposition, the private sector, civil society and religious organisations. The situation is complex with many moving parts It is compounded by the absence of key institutions functioning such as the Presidency and Parliament. This is further undermined by the outbreaks of violence and the lack of humanitarian aid. We have been urging all Haitian stakeholders in the urgent need for a consensus given that they all agree that the solution must be Haitian led and Haitian owned. We recognize that there must be a political solution to anchor any stabilization of the security and humanitarian efforts. The fact that more people have died in Haiti in the early part of this year than in the Ukraine must give everyone in Haiti and in the international community serious pause. This matter goes to the UN Security Council today in closed session. It is clear that Haiti even with a home grown solution will need the support of not just CARICOM but the international community. But to get there, we must have consensus among the key players in Haiti. They are all aware of the price of failure. Our meetings continue today with all concerned. We will continue to provide updates to the Community.

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