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Statement issued by the Government of Dominica on the conclusion of the Seventh Meeting of the Ministers of the Caribbean Forum of African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) States, 15-16 October, 1997, Georgetown, Guyana

CARIFORUM Member States have unanimously supported aimed at expanding and upgrading Melville Hall Airport , Dominica.
Foreign Ministers of CARIFORUM meeting in Georgetown, Guyana at the Seventh Ministerial Meeting gave their support for the project as a priority under the Eighth EDF supplied by the European Union.
In expressing its pleasure at the action by the Ministers, the Dominica delegation explained that their country did not have an airport capable of accommodating night landings even of small LIAT aircraft.
The importance of this project was underlined by delegates in the context of the recent ruling of the World Trade Organisation’s appellate body against the European Union’s banana regime. That ruling has further exposed Dominica’s already fragile and vulnerable economy but the support by the Ministers and heads of delegation demonstrated in a tangible way the solidarity that exists among CARIFORUM Member States.
The Airport project is expected to cost in the region of US$50-75 million of which the Regional Indicative Programme of CARIFORUM, funded by the EDF, is expected to contribute some 12.75 million ECU (US$15million).
The improvement of the Melville Hall Airport is considered to be the most critical infrastructure project needed to enable Dominica to rapidly transform its banana economy, to enable the country to play it full part in the regional economic integration process.
For more information contact: Minister of Tourism, Ports and Employment ;Government Headquarters, Roseau, Commonwealth of Dominica; Tel: 809-448-2401 Fax: 809-448-6200

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