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The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) has been following with deep concern the reports out of Haiti that armed groups opposing the continued presidency of Mr. Jean Bertrand Aristide have taken control of several towns including Gonaïves and St Marc. The accompanying violence has caused the death of a number of persons including policemen.

The Caribbean Community condemns these latest incidents of lawlessness and violence which once again emphasise the urgent need for a peaceful solution to the continued political impasse in Haiti. In this regard the Community, at the highest level, has taken an initiative based on a Prior Action Plan which is aimed at restoring confidence between contending groups and initiating a process of détente which would facilitate dialogue. This Plan has been accepted by President Aristide. The proposed measures have also been brought to the attention of the political opposition and of civil society as progress will require action by all sides. For all parties have interests but also have clear responsibilities.

We are insisting on a protection of fundamental rights and civil freedoms, the Caribbean Community cannot condone disorder and anarchy. The Caribbean Community calls on all groups in Haiti which have the peace and welfare of their country and of its people at heart to accept the urgent need for dialogue and to refrain from action which will result in an escalation of violence, leading eventually to a state of anarchy.

Kingston, Jamaica
9 February, 2004

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