Statement from the Caribbean Community on the Installation of the Transitional Presidential Council in Haiti

The Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) welcome the formal installation of the Transitional Presidential Council and congratulate the members. The formal installation of the nine-member Council at the Palais National this morning, marks a significant achievement through a process driven by Haitians in the interest of Haiti. It also represents a critical step forward for both the Council and the Haitian people in addressing the protracted multidimensional crisis afflicting the country.

This is an opportunity to craft a new beginning which will give all Haitians renewed hope for a return to constitutional government, stability and sustained development.

CARICOM Heads of Government are fully aware that today’s installation, albeit significant, is but one of many necessary steps forward in view of the daunting challenges confronting the Transitional Presidential Council and the people of Haiti.

CARICOM is reminded of the commitments made by the Transitional Presidential Council and stands ready to support it, and the Haitian people, in their efforts to put Haiti back on the road to constitutional and democratic legitimacy, stability and sovereignty and to ensure the proper functioning of the State’s institutions.

The inclusive and representative nature of the Council, which is unprecedented in Haiti, is significant. The Community wishes the Council all success as it embarks on an historic task on behalf of the people of Haiti.

25 April 2024

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