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STATEMENT – CARICOM Eminent Persons Group Recent Activities

At the end of their visit to Haiti on 12-15 July 2023 to facilitate inter-Haitian dialogue in the search for a solution to the political crisis, the CARICOM Eminent Persons Group (EPG) had called on the various groups of stakeholders with which it had been engaging to pursue discussions with each other, formally or informally.

These discussions could help to narrow differences and to build on broad agreements that had been reached. The EPG has been helping this process by carrying out virtual meetings over the past weeks with various groups of protagonists to deepen discussion on the areas of political disagreement in order to surmount differences which impede arrival at a consensus and to maintain the facilitation momentum. The point in the facilitation process has been reached to deepen discussions to find common solutions.

The EPG has also taken advantage of the opportunity, while preparing for its imminent return to Haiti, to continue to meet virtually with important sectors of Haitian civil society whose deep understanding of their social and political environment, acknowledged influence and moral suasion are major attributes that can contribute to the search for a broad consensus through compromise. In this regard, the EPG has met very recently with the Protestant Federation of Haiti and is seeking to engage with associations of the Haitian diaspora.

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