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The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) has noted that Haiti held the second round of its legislative, municipal and local elections on Sunday 9 July 2000.

CARICOM regrets that after a satisfactory electoral process on 21 May 2000, a disputed interpretation of the electoral law was employed in determining the results of the senatorial elections.

Although discussions were held with the Haitian Government and other key players in the political arena, in an effort to find a solution acceptable both to Haiti and to the international community, there were no changes in Haiti’s position and the Government of Haiti proceeded with the second round of elections as planned.

The Caribbean Community is fully cognisant of the historical challenges which confront Haiti, in its efforts to encourage and build a democratic culture. CARICOM is not however convinced that sufficient efforts are being made to surmount these challenges.

CARICOM is nevertheless determined to remain engaged with the fraternal people of Haiti and to continue to offer its support to that country in the effort to build democracy and democratic institutions.


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