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ST. LUCIA-CRIME-Overall reduction in crime rate for 2013

CASTRIES, Saint. Lucia, CMC-Saint Lucia has registered a statistical improvement in the fight against crime in 2013. The statistics revealed a decrease in the number of homicide, burglaries, stealing and sexual offences, however there was an in reports of firearm offences, illegal drug offences and aggravated burglary. There were 36 homicides in 2013, down from 44 in 2012 which included several Police killings. The 2013 figure minus the state slayings is the lowest in seven years. A total of 19, 038 reports of crime were accepted by the police in 2013. Of these cases 9,359 or 49% were “detected” meaning that investigations were completed. Total reports in 2013 amounted to 21,334 of which 9,907 or 46% were detected. Police Commissioner Vernon Francois attributed the decrease to intelligence driven policing, using a series of arrests in troubled parts of the capital and the populated north as a “fine example” of good intelligence work.

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