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Special Topic Statistical Bulletin – COVID-19: Issue 33

The Special Topic Statistical Bulletin on COVID-19 in CARICOM Countries, Issue 33, provides an update of the trajectory of the COVID-19 in the CARICOM Region up to 6 November 2020.

The Bulletin provides information on the pattern of the disease of the total number of confirmed cases, new cases and deaths for each country and the total for CARICOM. The data are preliminary and will be adjusted as more reliable data are made available.

The total number of confirmed cases for CARICOM countries as at 6 November is 46,968. The total number of deaths is 1109, recovered cases, 35,143 and active cases, 10, 589. If deaths all causes are counted for The Bahamas and Jamaica, then the total number of deaths is 1159 deaths.

Click on the Image or Link below to read the full Bulletin:

Special Topic Statistical Bulletin – Issue 33 final

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