Sharp Decline in HIV Contraction Regionally

Combat HIV, AIDS and other diseases is United Nations Millennium Development goal number six. 

A July 15 United Nations AIDS Programme report indicates that compared to other regions of the world, the Caribbean region is way ahead in the achievement of this goal.

According to the report titled, How AIDS Changed Everything — MDG 6: 15 years, 15 Lessons of Hope from the AIDS Response, the number of people in the Caribbean contracting the virus has sharply declined between 2000 and 2014.

The report also noted an increase in the number of cases receiving better treatment since 2000 when the Millennium Development Goals were launched.  Forty-four per cent of people living with HIV in the Caribbean received antiretroviral therapy in 2014.  This is comparable to global coverage.

While this report is positive and brings hope, the stigmatization of people living with AIDS still remains common in most Caribbean countries, the report showed.

Continued public awareness continues to be the drive of the HIV Response Unit here in Dominica.  It is estimated that there are 12-15 new cases every year.

The Ministry of Health has also discussed a strategic plan in 2014 with the main goals reducing the incidence of HIV in Dominica and alleviating the negative impacts of the virus on individuals.

Globally, new HIV infections have fallen by 35% and UNAIDS says the world is on-track to end the AIDS epidemic by 2030

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