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Science and technology will take centre stage next month when Grenada hosts the Ninth Inter-Sessional Meeting of the Conference of Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM).

This assurance was given by CARICOM Chairman Prime Minister Keith Mitchell during a meeting today, February 10, with Dr Neville Trotz, Project Manager of the Caribbean Planning for Adaptation to Global Climate Change (CPCC), and Mr. K Mustafa Touré, Programme Manager of Sustainable Development in the CARICOM Directorate of Regional Trade and Economic Integration and Chairman of the CPACC Project Advisory Committee.

Prime Minister Mitchell, who has been responsible for CARICOM's Science and Technology and Human Resource Development thrust since July 1995, is the driving force behind an Exhibition which will coincide with the Inter-Sessional Meeting March 2-3, 1998. All Member States of CARICOM have been invited to participate in the Exhibition, which will display practical applications of science and technology as being integral to the daily lives of Caribbean people.

Prime Minister Mitchell said it is his hope that the Exhibition, which is being organised by the Grenada Science and Technology Council in collaboration with the Councils of other CARICOM Member States, will not only enlighten the public as to the importance of science and technology, but will also serve to strengthen Science and Technology Councils throughout the Region.

The two CARICOM scientists commended the Prime Minister for Grenada's initiative on making computer literacy in schools a priority, thereby bringing regional attention to the issue. They called upon Dr. Mitchell to highlight the importance of climate change in the context of science and technology at the Inter-Sessional Meeting.

“Unless we jump on the science and technology bandwagon now, we will be years behind,” Mr Touré said.

The Prime Minister said he will do whatever he can to focus attention on climate change and environmental concerns in general at the Meeting, as well as any other forum.

Through the initiative of Prime Minister Mitchell, Science and Technology in Caribbean Development has been placed on the Agenda for the Inter-Sessional Meeting.

The Inter-Sessional Meeting will be held at the Rex Grenadian Resort, while the Science and Technology Exhibition will take place at the Grenada Trade Centre.

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