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Remarks by the Cuban Ambassador Julio César González Marchante On the Occasion Of the Presentations of Credentials As Plenipotentiary Representative of the Republic of Cuba to the Caribbean Community

I have the honor to present to His Excellency the credentials accrediting me as Plenipotentiary Representative of the Republic of Cuba to the Caribbean Community.

His Excellency,It is a great privilege for me to represent the people and government of Cuba to the community of sister Caribbean’s nations.

We remember with gratitude, 8 December , 1972, when four Caribbean nations – Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago – simultaneously decided to establish full diplomatic relations with Cuba.

So brave political decision, reaffirmed its sovereignty, opened a crack against the blockade that the United States lifted around the Island from 1961 to today and led the rest of the Caribbean countries to approach the largest Island of the Antilles as soon as they were reaching their political independence.

Today,  we enjoy, with satisfaction,  the privilege to have  diplomatic representations almost all Caribbean nations, which for over 41 years have contributed significantly to the advancement of relations, particularly cooperation in health, education, sports, culture, agriculture , disaster management, energy and construction.

In the CARICOM nations now provide services 1 608 Cubans cooperators, mostly in the health sector and currently studying 850 fellows from countries of the region.

Also, today is remarkable the strengthening dialogue at the multilateral level, through concrete actions in international fora, where support has been reciprocal.

Together, we have reaffirmed the commitment of our people to the defense of multilateralism, with full respect for the purposes and principles enshrined in the UN Charter and principles of international law, peace, security and development.

Serve this moment to reiterate our deep appreciation to the Caribbean brothers for their strong and consistent rejection of the economic, commercial and financial blockade against Cuba and its traditional support for the resolution on the subject presents our country each year to the United Nations General Assembly.

Our country is sure we can expect the same strong support to demand to be excluded from the spurious list of state sponsors of terrorism yearly presented by the State Department of the United States. The arbitrary inclusion of Cuba in this listing is intended to justify the blockade against Cuba and is time to change this failed and hostile policy that has caused much damage and unnecessary suffering to our people.

His Excellency,Our countries face common challenges such as the economic, social, political and environmental crisis that suffer our hemisphere and the world.

With clarity, His Excellency has been calling for unity and solidarity.

Only then can we successfully confront challenges as the most important negotiations that will occur in the United Nations to adopt the agenda for post 2015. In that respect, you can expect the strong support of our country.

The current efforts of the Caribbean Community to jointly face the challenges imposed by globalization are proof that progress is possible in the relations of new type, in the interests of our peoples and nations.

In this direction, we consider laudable the efforts of the Organization in preparing the Strategic Plan to the Community and transforming its Secretariat.

His Excellency, Also, in that context, the process of regional integration in favor to the interests of the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean should receive a particular priority.  Such integration should be based on an independent development model that prioritizes the regional economic complementarily, allows realizing the desire to promote the advancement of all and strengthen a genuine cooperation based on mutual respect and solidarity.

In this endeavor to reach the integrationist aspirations emerged the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States ( CELAC ) that Cuba was honored to preside 2013, where the country  worked for the urgent need to definitely add  the insular Caribbean in the regional concert of sovereign’s nations of our America.

I take this opportunity to acknowledge the support, solidarity and interest we receive from all Caribbean nations during the period of the Cuban’s CELAC presidency and urge to pursue this further and accelerate the process of regional integration, in which Cuba will work tirelessly.

His Excellency, Only with unity, dignity, integration and solidarity we can face the common challenges of the globalized, unequal and exclusive world that threatens us all.

The story that binds to Cuba and the Caribbean, the influence in our national culture and Caribbean identity, the support in our liberation struggles of the past and the one firm supportive today has created indestructible bonds that always remain united to the nations of the Caribbean Community.

This time, I reiterate the words of General of the Army Raúl Castro Ruz on December 8, 2008 when he said: “The Cubans are proud of our Caribbean roots and our relationships with the nations of the region. Always appreciate the support and solidarity received from its peoples and governments, and in turn we are deeply committed to those with whom we share these warm waters and dramatic West Indian history. ”

His Excellency, We are excited and encouraged about the summit that will meet us in Havana on next December 8, occasion in which will continue the practice to exchange on common concerns and expand our relationships.

We hope, as always, your strong support together your Secretariat as well as the support of the Caribbean’s nation sisters, to be represented at the highest level at this special summit, in which we can show results on the projects we have been discussing sometime ago in favor to the integration and development of our peoples.

I want to emphasize the will of the Cuban people and government to continue strengthening ties with our sister nations of the Caribbean, to enhance cooperation according to our possibilities, to work towards greater integration and sharing the defense of common interests.

The Caribbean countries can always count on eternal friendship, selflessness, gratitude and full support of their Cuban brothers.

Thank you.

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