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Remarks by Dr Carla N. Barnett, Secretary-General of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) on the occasion of the Presentation of Credentials by His Excellency Mauricio Vizcaino Crespo, Ambassador of the United Mexican States to the Caribbean Community

  • Your Excellency Mauricio Vizcaino Crespo, Plenipotentiary Representative (Designate) of the United Mexican States to CARICOM;
  • Ministro Antonio Cruz Diaz, Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of Mexico;
  • Mr. Edwin Martinez Gonzalez, Head of Cooperation, Embassy of Mexico; and
  • Ambassador Donna Forde, Assistant Secretary-General, Foreign and Community Relations, and Staff of the CARICOM Secretariat.

Ambassador, welcome to Guyana and the Headquarters of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Secretariat. I am pleased to accept your letters of credence and extend sincere congratulations on your appointment as the Plenipotentiary Representative of the United Mexican States to the Caribbean Community.

CARICOM values the bonds of friendship forged with Mexico over the years. Our enduring relationship dates back to 1974 when Mexico became the first country with which the Caribbean Community established a Joint Commission. This cooperation mechanism laid the foundation for the meaningful relationship of which today’s ceremony is emblematic.

Ambassador, your accreditation is warmly welcomed as yet another indication of Mexico’s ongoing commitment to ensuring that the immense potential of this relationship is fully realised.

There are consistent opportunities for our collaboration through diplomatic ties marked by regular political engagements and structured development cooperation arrangements. Over the years, these opportunities have grown more robust, taking into account changes in the political, social, cultural and economic environments.

The broadening of our areas of collaboration has encapsulated the dynamism of our relations. As a result, we have witnessed greater cross-institutional cooperation and the successful implementation of initiatives which positively impact our Region.

Ambassador, as CARICOM seeks to enhance its economic, social and environmental resilience, and counter inherent vulnerabilities, we continue to look to long-standing partners, like Mexico, to support our efforts to strengthen our infrastructure, bolster our most promising revenue-generating industries and fortify our capacity in areas that remain essential for our sustainable development.

In this vein, we look forward to the convening of the Fifth CARICOM-Mexico Summit and Eighth Mexico-CARICOM Technical Cooperation Programme, which are integral mechanisms for deepening our long and steadfast relationship.

These cooperation mechanisms allow the Region to benefit from Mexico’s advancement in areas of mutual interest and provide opportunities for the exchange of valuable best practices. The technical assistance your country has provided to CARICOM in capacity building in areas such as agriculture, health, transportation, disaster risk management, education, climate change, information and communications technology (ICT), trade and investment, and tourism have been invaluable measures of support. Similarly, the extension of the Mesoamerica Project to the Region is tangible evidence of Mexico’s willingness to assist in advancing the sustainable development prospects of our Member States. 

Ambassador, the bonds between CARICOM and Mexico are not limited to common interests, but also include shared values and positions.  As the Community strives to reduce its vulnerability and increase resilience, we note that Mexico’s membership of the G20 provides an important platform to promulgate the views of the Region’s small, developing nations.

We look forward to your continued support in ensuring that due account is provided on the global stage to the Region’s development agenda, its vulnerabilities and the unique needs of our Small Island and Low-lying Coastal Developing States (SIDS).

Your Excellency, I have no doubt that your appointment will contribute greatly to the strengthening of CARICOM-Mexico relations.  I extend my best wishes for your successful tenure, and assure you of my support and that of the Secretariat in that regard.

Thank you.

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