Terms of Reference (TOR): Regulatory Framework and Legal Advisor

Closing Date: April 27, 2023


The Department of Environment is seeking a qualified and experienced individual for the position Regulatory Framework and Legal Advisor for the Sustainable Low-Emission Island Mobility (SLIM) Project to support the low-emission transition of the Antigua and Barbuda’s vehicular fleet. The consultant will support an update of the country’s vehicular standards, policy, and regulation. 

The majority of vehicles within Antigua and Barbuda are powered by Internal Combustion Engines (ICE). As a part of the country’s mandate to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and transition to electricity generated from clean, renewable sources, it is imperative that the high-emission transport sector is transitioned to low-emission.   

The SLIM Project is part of a suite of projects being undertaken by the Government of Antigua and Barbuda through the Department of Environment to drive the transition to renewable energy in the electricity and transport sectors within the country. The first electric mobility project titled “Electric School Bus Pilot Project” was completed in August 2020, with data collection on-going throughout the lifespan of the electric buses. The SLIM project is the second electric mobility project being undertaken and it will procure four (4) electric vehicles to support data generation and collection, and support the development of an EV charging network, and create the required regulations and guidelines required to usher in the transition to electric mobility within Antigua and Barbuda. 

Under the general supervision of the Project Manager and Project Coordinator, the Consultant will be contracted to undertake and complete the specified activities, outlined in Section IV – Scope of Work. The scope of work is understood to cover all the activities necessary to accomplish the stated objectives of the project including but not limited to the following: 

i. Conduct institutional review of existing policies and legislation to identify gaps and needs in the regulatory framework for achieving renewable energy and electric vehicles transition targets for the 2021 NDCs

ii. Develop and validate draft policy and/or legislation and white paper necessary for renewable energy and electric vehicles transition for consideration for inclusion in the Paris Agreement Regulations.

This consultancy can be done in a hybrid manner or fully in person. The consultant must consider stakeholder consultations to support the completion of project deliverables. The project team will support stakeholder engagements by way of introductions and other logistical issues where needed; however the consultant is required to lead and conduct all engagements related to the development of the deliverables. The bid amount must factor in the costs of travel (if needed) as the DOE will not be responsible for these costs. 

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