RFP: Procurement of Monitoring and Evaluation Officer for GCF Build Project

Closing Date: April 17, 2023



The GCF Build Project is a six (6) year project (formally titled Resilience to Hurricanes in the Building Sector of Antigua and Barbuda) being implemented by the Government of Antigua and Barbuda (GOAB) with financing from the Green Climate (GCF) and the GOAB. The main objective of this project is to shift the country’s building sector away from reactive development – involving costly recovery actions after an extreme climate event – towards a proactive approach in which buildings are adapted to withstand the increased frequency and intensity of hurricanes, in line with the scientific predictions for climate change. This proactive approach will include direct investments into critical public service and community buildings (including health physical infrastructure) to climate-proof them against Category 4 and 5 hurricanes. Mainstreaming climate resilience into the building and financial sectors as well as facilitating the upscaling of such interventions across all buildings in the country will also be a primary focus. The project approach to resilience building will include the following main activities

  • Implement climate-proofing measures on critical infrastructure. This involves the following measures for 52 priority buildings
  • Mainstream climate change adaptation into the building sector by making provision for the Building Code in the Physical Planning Act 2003 to become regulations and updating the Environmental Management System plans under the Environmental Protection and Management Act 2019 to encourage the private sector to also become climate resilient. 
  • Climate information services are strengthened to facilitate early action for extreme climate events.

The M&E Officer for the GCF Build Project has the following key responsibilities: 

  • Overarching Monitoring and Reporting 
  • Development of M&E System 
  • Project Reporting Responsibilities 
  • Relevant Responsibilities for Reviews and Evaluations 
  • Communication and Knowledge Sharing 

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