Request for Proposal: Website Redesign and Technical Support/Maintenance Services for the Pan Caribbean Partnership Against HIV and AIDS (PANCAP)

Closing Date: January 10, 2017


To All Recipients:

You are invited to submit a proposal to provide complete website redesign, implementation and technical/maintenance support services for the Pan Caribbean Partnership Against HIV and AIDS (PANCAP) website. PANCAP’s current site ( is hosted on an external server managed by an external supplier. It was designed to be the primary website for knowledge on HIV and AIDS for the English, Spanish, French and Dutch-speaking Caribbean and to consistently provide information and news on all issues, events and initiatives by PANCAP partners within the region related to HIV and AIDS. The site’s architecture and navigation need several improvements, including improved content management and administrative capabilities to allow staff of the PANCAP Coordinating Unit (PCU) to add new content and make minor style modifications. Deliverables and specifications are provided in greater detail below. Our preference is that work on this functionality is completed by 24 April 2017. We request that submitted proposals provide separate cost estimates for website redesign, technical support, and maintenance/training. A suggested timeline for all completed work is proposed on page 6. An adjusted timeline will be negotiated following the signing of a contract for services. Proposals must include: • Suggested technical and project management approaches; • An anticipated timeline; • Budget, itemized by deliverable for website redesign and maintenance/training support; • Identification of key project staff including qualifications, experience and profiles • Past performance examples of at least two consulting projects that are similar in scope to the proposed project (preferably live sites) • A list of references (preferably the clients of the past performance examples), including names, email addresses, and telephone numbers. Upon review of the attached RFP, please send any questions or queries to Dr. Shanti Singh-Anthony via email at no later than 12:00 Noon on 16 January 2017. Consolidated RFP questions from all vendors and responses to those questions will be sent electronically to an email address you provide no later than 5:00 PM on 18 January 2017. An electronic version of your proposal must be received no later than 12:00 Noon on 27 January 2017. Proposals received after that time will not be accepted. If PANCAP has any questions, they will be sent to the vendor via email. We anticipate that the provider whose proposal is the best solution for our project will be selected by the close of business on February 10 2017. PANCAP reserves the right not to notify any vendor whose proposal does not meet our needs and is not cost effective. Please note that the redesign of the PANCAP website is being managed by the PANCAP Knowledge for Health Project which is being administered by PANCAP and Knowledge for Health (K4Health) through the Johns Hopkins University with funding provided by USAID and PEPFAR. Dr. Shanti Singh-Anthony MD, MPH. Knowledge Management Coordinator, PANCAP Coordinating Unit Knowledge for Health (K4Health) project CARICOM Secretariat Turkeyen, Greater Georgetown, Guyana Office: (011) 592-222-0001 ext. 3414 Request for Proposal: Website Redesign and Technical Support/Maintenance Services for the Pan Caribbean Partnership Against HIV and AIDS (PANCAP) Website Background & Purpose PANCAP is a partnership of governmental and non-governmental bodies established in 2001 to facilitate a coordinated regional response to HIV/AIDS. It has a membership of 65 countries and organizations and is guided by a Caribbean Regional Strategic Framework (CRSF) on HIV and AIDS, which sets the parameters for collaboration between the PANCAP partners who work at all levels of the HIV/AIDS response. PANCAP serves as a knowledge hub to support its members to improve the HIV response at the regional and national levels. The PANCAP Knowledge for Health Project, based at the PANCAP Coordinating Unit (PCU) in Georgetown Guyana, is a PEPFAR-USAID funded initiative. The Project aims to support the PCU to fulfill its mandate of supporting PANCAP members and coordinating efforts to maximize the Partnership’s productivity and elevate PANCAP’s relevance within the regional and global HIV context through the use of knowledge management strategies intended to maximize the partnership, harmonize PEPFAR and Global Fund projects, enhance the scale up of best practices, and increase implementation of WHO Test and Start guidelines. PANCAP’s current site ( is hosted on an external server managed by an external supplier, but it has some major architecture and navigation challenges, and presents a challenge to PCU staff to update and maintain. This proposal seeks a vendor to: 1. Identify or design a website solution for PANCAP that: • Improves on the current site’s architecture; and • Is inherently user-friendly and easy to navigate and locate information and knowledge products 2. Implement and support an appropriate solution including hosting and domain management 3. Provide training to employees of the PCU to manage content and make minor style modifications and 4. Provide ongoing technical advice and maintenance of the website. We encourage participants to use Open Source solutions such as Drupal, Joomla or WordPress, but any platform with a modern, responsive design and easy-to-use content management system will be considered. The purpose of this document is to provide guidance to prospective vendors for the preparation of proposals and estimates for the website redesign. PANCAP’s target audiences: • PANCAP members • Government Ministries • International Funding Organizations (USAID, PEPFAR, UN Partners, The Global Fund) • Health care institutions • CARICOM institutions • National AIDS Programme Managers • Civil Society Organizations • People living with and affected by HIV and AIDS and key population groups such men who have sex with men, sex workers, transgender, youth, migrants • Regional media • Staff of the PANCAP Coordinating Unit Scope This section describes with greater detail PANCAP’s expectations of the scope of work to be completed. Requirements: • Complete redesign of the PANCAP website’s architecture to achieve improved organization and categorization of website content • Reconstruction of the site map and layout for a more user-friendly interface. Creation of well-organized menu structure that presents secondary site pages in specific categories • Transfer of related content from existing website • Organization of the site’s archival information for easy access by PCU employees and visitors to the page • Creation of a home-page which is easy to navigate and user-friendly • Home-page must allow for all recent site updates, including news releases, to be easily posted in a ‘news feed’ • Creation of a document library for uploading of policy documents, case studies, fact sheets, etc. by PCU staff, PANCAP members, partners, stakeholders, etc. Please note that the document library section on the current site appears to have been hacked and may not be safe to access. • Automatic translation: Functionality to translate web page content (not including uploaded files) into English, Dutch and French based on the visitor’s IP address/location and browser language settings ( though all languages should be accessible to all users). Required features of the website • A multimedia enhanced, mobile-responsive design • Search Engine optimized URLs • Ability to dynamically display social media feeds from Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, etc. • A dynamically driven homepage—e.g., a “Latest Updates” section which features newly-posted content on the homepage automatically; • A blog with multiple contributor profiles, permission-controlled commenting, and tagging (include option to link to users’ social media accounts in order to comment) • A document library, easily filterable by resource type, which should include inter alia: reports and summaries, journal articles and abstracts, policy briefs, fact sheets, meeting notes, presentation slides, etc. Taxonomy defined search functionality with the ability for the webmaster to expand the taxonomy as needed. • A place to highlight key partnerships including partner profiles • Photo galleries in which PANCAP can organize and display photos by events or topics, and embed specific images in blog posts with thumbnail and slideshow displays. • Secure component to protect the website from unauthorized or malicious activity. Existing Hosting The Current PANCAP website is hosted in a Linux Environment with a MYSQL Database. Maintenance and training support • Manage updates and security patches with reference to the Content Management System • Provide training to PANCAP’s communications team and webmaster in uploading and publishing new content and making minor style modifications to the website in future. PANCAP’s communications specialist and webmaster have some experience maintaining websites, but would benefit from training in: o Creating new pages and adding image, video and HTML 5 content o Using a content management system o Making style and layout modifications to the proposed solution o Managing and organizing a document library General Response Requirements This RFP is open to suppliers from the Caribbean. This project will require coordination between PANCAP’s Knowledge Coordinator, Communications Specialist and webmaster based in Guyana, and the selected vendor. A clear project management approach is critical. The proposal should adequately describe the vendor’s methods for project management and communication, including a clear definition of roles and responsibilities, work sharing mechanisms, and plans for coordination and project management between all parties involved. Proposed plan. Proposals should include a general description of the vendor’s proposed approach to the project, as well as any other relevant descriptions of vendor’s processes and ideas that he/she believes may be relevant to PANCAP in determining the vendor’s suitability to complete the work. The plan should include the vendor’s project management approach. Proposed schedule. A proposed schedule for completing the scope of work should be included in the proposal. Any assumptions related to schedule including the respondent’s commitments to other clients and contingencies on PCU staff participation should be clearly stated. Pricing. A price proposal should be included for the scope of work, providing separate costs estimates for website redesign, technical support, maintenance and training. The costs for this scope of work should be presented in United States Dollars. However, we request that you also provide a projected cost for monthly maintenance and technical support in Guyana Dollars so that PANCAP is aware of that cost moving forward. Given that this project has a fixed annual budget, PANCAP’s strong preference is for firm fixed-price proposals, with payment through invoices submitted upon completion of deliverables. Where possible, price estimates should be itemized and associated with specific deliverables. In the case that additional work (beyond the proposed scope of work) may be required, respondents should clearly outline how they would expect to charge for additional work. Description of company and references. Proposals should also include a description of the vendor and a minimum of three summaries of experience with similar projects. Profiles and biographies of at least two staff committed to working on the project must also be included. Reference and contact information is required. The proposals are due on 27 January 2017 and should be submitted via email to Dr. Shanti Singh-Anthony at by 12:00 noon. Proposal Dates January 9, 2017 Request for proposals is sent out. January 16, 2017 Questions from vendors received by 12 Noon. January 18, 2017 Responses to questions sent out by 5pm. January 27, 2017 Proposals received by 12 Noon. February 3, 2017 Clarifying questions sent out to vendors by 5pm. February 8, 2017 Answers received from vendors by 5pm. February 10, 2017 Vendor selection completed, vendors notified. • Vendor selected by February 10, 2017 (Onboarding process) • Work to commence no later than February 27, 2017 The new website should be live by 24 April 2017. Appendix A: Content Specifications Content from the PANCAP Site: This site is live, but the architecture/navigation is poor. PCU staff struggle to add new content or get any style modifications done including adding video, image and HTML 5 content. The site also requires integration with PANCAP’s Social Media feeds via Twitter, Facebook, Flikr, etc. Note that any new content (text, images, documents, etc.) required for updating pages or new page additions will be provided by PANCAP. However, the selected supplier will be required to implement all technical requirements related to redesigning existing pages or creating new page additions. Section Page Current URL Fields / Structure Notes About page The Pan Caribbean Partnership Against HIV/AIDS (PANCAP) is a partnership of governmental and non-governmental bodies established in 2001 to facilitate a coordinated regional response to HIV/AIDS. It has a membership of 65 countries and organizations and is guided by a Caribbean Regional Strategic Framework (CRSF) on HIV and AIDS, which sets the parameters for collaboration between the PANCAP partners who work at all levels of the HIV/AIDS response. Overview Home-page An overview page is needed to anchor the site. These will include vision and mission statements and a FAQ page on PANCAP’s functions. Facts on HIV/AIDS and Test and Start Sub-page The site requires an FAQ sheet on HIV and AIDS and facts on Test and Start PANCAP Objectives & Strategies Home-page Page with vision/mission and strategic objectives needs to be updated and revamped. Structure of the PANCAP Home-page Infographic required on the structure of PANCAP. Partners and stakeholders Sub-page List of PANCAP partners with descriptions, logos and links to websites. Test and Start Dashboards New page addition Sub-page PANCAP requires the design and implementation of dashboards for each country within the region to provide consistent updates on the implementation of ‘Test and Start’. Dashboards should be so designed that they can be easily managed and updated by PCU staff.

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