REQUEST FOR EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST-INDIVIDUAL CONSULTANT-Revise the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre’s Procurement Handbook

Closing Date: March 20, 2018


Specific Objective

2.2 The specific objective of this Consultancy is to produce an updated and comprehensive Procurement Handbook for the Centre that reflects overall significant improvement in content and structure to the Centre’s existing Procurement Manual.

2.3 With respect to ‘content’ the updated Procurement Handbook must inter alia:
i) cover procurement activities pertaining to the sourcing of goods and services, including consulting, non-consulting and infrastructural development services;

ii) embody a Procurement Strategy and Framework that aligns with the expectations and requirements of the Centre’s existing Regulations and Policies and those of its partners;

iii) strategically leverage eProcurement; and

iv) focus on achieving higher efficiency, enhancing integrity and transparency in the procurement process, reducing risks, and facilitating sustainable and ‘green’ procurement.

2.4 In terms of ‘structure’ the updated Procurement Manual must be user friendly with improved lay-out; table of contents; graphics, inclusive of flow charts, to accompany each procurement method; text boxes and “pull outs” where necessary; glossary of key procurement terminology and the context in which used; templates; and links to additional resources.

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