REOI – Revision of the Curriculum for the Council of Legal Education

Closing Date: March 21, 2024


This project will advance the achievement of SDP 16- Peace Justice and Strong Institutions, an important objective of the Project under 1.4. Consequently, legal education and training must also envelop these philosophical ideals in the curriculum.
Non-traditional areas such as Social justice and Human Rights, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Commercial and cross border and Environmental law will form part of the review process. The review will be committed to a more socially relevant, community based legal training which will lead to the desire to expand the clinical model of legal education.
The CLE will also interrogate whether its mandate logically necessitates an expansion of its legal education and training programmes to include new programmes in addition to its current Legal Education Certificate (LEC), currently offered for practising attorneys only. These additional programmes might include, for example, a Diploma Programme in Legal Skills, targeted for law clerks and related law actors, special programmes for law enforcement officers involved in court prosecutions, alternative dispute resolution certificates and the like. An initiative in this direction would considerably expand and upgrade the pool of judicial actors in the justice system.

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