Public Private Partnership Unit (PPP Unit) Director

Closing Date: December 30, 2022


The PPP Unit Director shall provide expert support to the Ministry of Finance in order to disseminate and ensure actions’ alignment with the PPP policy, including the management, implementation and further development of Belize’s PPP Policy and accompanying regulations. Promote the development of guidance material and templates and build understanding in the public and private sectors of the Government’s PPP program. Manage the development of standard methodologies for PPP project preparation, competitive bidding, negotiation, and contract management of PPP contracts and to ensure these are applied. Ensure that PPP projects are prepared for competitive market bidding in such a way that all financial and risk components are adequately identified, quantified, and allocated in a manner consistent with Belize’s PPP Policy and best practices. Ensure that all PPP projects are developed in accordance with the PPP Policy, principles, and processes. Lead PPP Project Teams and contribute with technical expertise.

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