Project Coordinator for the Green Climate Fund Build Project

Closing Date: February 3, 2021



Project Title: ‘Resilience to hurricanes in the building sector in Antigua and Barbuda’

The overarching objective of this ‘Project Coordinator’ position is to, inter alia: provide coordination and implementation services for the GCF Build Project; and ensure that the required outputs and activities are accomplished in an efficient and timely manner as outlined in the GCF Build Project’s Funding Proposal and Funded Activity Agreement.

The Project Coordinator for the GCF Build Project has the following key responsibilities:

Overarching responsibilities:

  • Provide technical and administrative leadership as well as inputs into the work of the project team and act as the representative of the project at regional and international levels;
  • Observe policies and project management procedures of the AE to facilitate implementation and ensure delivery of high-quality outcomes and deliverables;
  • Manage project files and data security across outputs;
  • Facilitate responsive project learning through independent evaluations of activities and project impact, and communicate results to a wide audience;
  • Complete any other task designated for the Project Coordinator in the project’s Funding Proposal and Funded Activity Agreement.

responsibilities cont’d: 

  • Project launch
  • Project implementation
  • Project reporting
  • Project Documentation 
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