Pillar Assessment of the Caribbean Export Development Agency

Closing Date: November 17, 2021


The Caribbean Export Development Agency (Caribbean Export) requires the services of an independent auditing firm to perform a Pillar Assessment, to assess the Agency’s ability to implement a European Union Budget under indirect management.

The Pillar Assessment is an assurance engagement which focuses on Pillar7- Exclusion From Access to Funding, Pillar 8-Publication of Information on Recipients and Pillar 9-Protection of Personal Data. The objective of the assignment is to assess the systems, controls and procedures applied by Caribbean Export for each Pillar and to allow the auditor to report on whether the Organisation fulfils the requirement of each relevant Pillar.

The Auditor will be required to assess whether the Agency:
• applies appropriate rules and procedures for excluding third parties from access to funding through procurement and grants;
• makes public information on the recipients of funds in an appropriate and timely manner;
• ensures protection of personal data equivalent to that referred to in Article 5 of the FR.

Interested auditors may download a copy of the Terms of Reference, Annex 1 – Engagement Context – Key information for a Pillar Assessment and Annex 3 – Assessment Procedures below.

The period to be covered by the assessment would be a twelve (12) month period ending on the day of the start of the field work.

Applications must be delivered via direct mail, e-mail or hand delivered at the address indicated below by 4:30pm on Wednesday November 17, 2021.

Pillar Assessment
Attention: Mr Glyne Hewitt, Manager – Operations (Ag).
Caribbean Export Development Agency
1st Floor Baobab Tower
St. Michael
E-mail: ghewitt@carib-export.com and vhenry@carib-export.com

Notice expires at 4:30pm on Wednesday November 17th, 2021

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