Payment for Ecosystem Services (PES) Financial Expert

Closing Date: September 30, 2021


The Path to 2020 Project aims to implement Objective 1 of Antigua and Barbuda’s National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (2014 – 2025): A national system, including protected areas, for the management and conservation of biodiversity conservation is developed and established. By strengthening institutional coordination for protected areas, supporting legal frameworks, and blending local co-investment with international financing, this project will position Antigua and Barbuda to tap into global opportunities in conservation investments. The project will use innovative financing to enable the private sector and NGOs to participate in the management and sustainable use of protected areas.

The project has three main components:

i. Strengthening regulations, institutions and financing mechanisms for the national Protected Areas System: The indicator for this Component is: Safeguarding of biodiversity and ecosystem services through strengthening capacity of PA system (17,704 hectares) to conserve and enhance critical habitats and watershed areas.

ii. Expansion of protected areas in support of species conservation: The indicator for this Component is: Increased protection for biodiversity of global significance over 3,035 hectares, including the only remaining wet forest ecosystem (moist evergreen closed canopy forest) in the country, and a number of restricted-range bird species and the island’s most rare fern species.

iii. Pilot livelihood financing mechanisms that support conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity and plant genetic resources in the newly designated Shekerley Mountain Management Area: This component is expected to raise significant financing from the private sector as co-financing for the overall project. The indicator for this Component is: Ensurr433ing the conservation of genetic resources and the sustainable use of at least 10 locally adapted crop varieties.

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