Invitation to Tenders – Provision of a Legal Consultant to Review and Update Montserrat’s ICT Legislative Framework’

Closing Date: May 28, 2018


Scope of the Services 
The Consultant will work with the Ministry of Communications, Works and Labour and the Attorney General Chambers to undertake, at a minimum, the following tasks and all related activities necessary to ensure the cost effective and timely completion of the envisaged review and update of the legislation governing ICT in Montserrat: 
 Analyse relevant background material relating to Montserrat, including the Sustainable Development Plan, the National Information Communication Policy, Strategy and Implementation Plan 2017-21, 

 Refer to relevant regional legislation which shall include the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States ‘Electronic Government for Regional Integration Project’ Draft Bills

 Refer to similar legislation of the United Kingdom and European Union, especially the General Data Protection Regulation.

 Engage in consultations, including stakeholder consultations, whether face to face or via technological means, to gather input on ICT;

 Obtain inputs from GoM-nominated stakeholders and update the legislation

 Educate stakeholders and end users on the proposed legislation.

 Prepare and present a gap analysis of ICT legislation and Inception Report  Revise the existing ICT legislation and draft new ICT legislation where necessary, ensuring that the same is future-proofed

 Review the report on the Harmonization of ICT Policies, Legislation and Regulatory Procedures -HIPCAR Project. 

 Review any other documentation deem relevant and necessary to draft legislation required 

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