Invitation for pre-qualification of Contractors Construction of Sea Defences at Melville Hall

Closing Date: June 26, 2018


The Ministry  of Public Works, Water  Resource  Management   and Ports  (MPW) wishes  to procure   the services  of contractors    for the construction    of sea defences  at the Melville Hall.

This  Project  will be implemented    by the Technical   Services  Division of the Ministry  of Public  Works,  Water   Resource   Management    and  Ports.  The  Chief Technical   Officer and/or    a designated    officer  will  be  responsible     for  the  day-to-day   management     of project   activities   including  tender   administration     and  supervision    of the contract.

MPW (hereinafter    referred   to as “the Employer”)   intends  to pre-qualify  contractors   for the  following  works  under  this  project:

Construction of sea defences  at Melville Hall

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