Financial Instrument Specialist

Closing Date: October 29, 2021


The Consultant, in conjunction with technical support from the Department of Environment, will be expected to cover all the activities necessary to accomplish the stated objective of the project including but not limited to the following:

Activity 1: Institutional scoping assessment to decide which financial institutions would be the most feasible/ or have interest in implementing the micro-equity in Antigua and Barbuda:
a. Conduct a review of similar schemes from around the world in an effort to build on lessons from past efforts to deliver microfinance equity
b. Identify two to three potential public/private organisations which could offer micro-equity products and services
c. Conduct consultations to determine the capacity of the identified financial institutions to implement micro-equity
d. Introduce micro-equity options and frameworks to the identified financial institutions with capacity building activities

Activity 2: Conduct a gap analysis with identified micro-enterprises and other potential enterprises to determine their interest in micro-equity, their current capacity to engage in a micro-equity arrangement and any existing constraints that may prevent this transition
a. Identify enterprises within the Path to 2020 project site which have the potential to accept micro-equity funding
b. Conduct consultations to develop assessment criteria for microenterprises to accept micro-equity funding
c. Initiate capacity building activities for the identified microenterprises

Activity 3: Design the micro-equity financing instrument under the SIRF Fund by providing the selection criteria for the selection of micro-enterprises for the implementation of micro-equity financing. Also include the types of documents that the microenterprises should submit and also provide names of potential evaluators for the selection of micro-enterprises for financing

Activity 4: Provide guidance on the provisions of the contract with microenterprises to DOE’s legal consultant to develop a draft contract to facilitate micro-equity under the SIRF Fund. The draft contract should consider the governing regulations and the rights and responsibilities of all the parties.

Please see document below for full detail on how to apply for this opportunity. 

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