Consultancy to Review the Legislative Framework and Technical Standards for Water Transport

Closing Date: November 28, 2018


The primary objectives of the consultancy are to:

1. Develop an inventory of Laws, Regulations and International Conventions governing the operations of international ferry transport /water Transportation on St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and Grenada;

2. Identify the gaps in the Laws, regulations and international conventions listed in the inventory, and state the actions necessary by each member state to synergize and harmonize their laws, regulations and international conventions, ensuring international compliance and facilitating seamless operation of the pilot ferry system;

3. Establish the optimal and minimal technical specifications and safety standards by which passenger ferries will be expected to adhere to, when rending services to the routes. Special attention should be given to typical sea conditions with special reference to related meteorology. These specifications shall serve as inputs for a subsequent consultancy, to develop bidding and other documents for the temporary financial incentives program.

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