Consultancy to Design and Supervise the Rehabilitation of Fort Charlotte

Closing Date: October 17, 2018


The scope of work will include all those consulting activities associated with fort restoration and development. As such, the scope of works will include but not be limited to, the following tasks:

Task 1: Data Collection and Site Assessment.

 Carry out both desk research and field reconnaissance activities

 Literature research

Task 2: Designs for Architectural, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical Works and Fort Exhibits:

 Production of drawings, and sketches for: 

o the clean-up and removal of vegetation and the restoration of the walls of various sections of the Fort’s structure and satellite buildings; 

o the rehabilitation and expansion of the car park; upgrade of the washrooms; septic tank disposal system; and other miscellaneous works including the interior decoration and upgrade of the cafeteria and rehabilitation of the kitchenette; 

o new ticket and security booth 

o electrical works associated with the power and lighting requirements for the interactive displays and exhibits

o interpretive and directional signage 

o exhibits, 

o interpretive and interactive displays

o drawbridge 

o period furniture, safety handrails, gates, kitchen cabinetry, gun carriages

 Conceptualize and design an activity/feature dedicated to children (twelve years old and under) within the Fort 

Task 3: EIA / SIA 

 Carry out an EIA and SIA following World Bank screening procedures and format, in relation to the intended works.

Task 4: Specifications –drafting of specifications for: 

 token operated binoculars

 a pedestrian counter 

 interpretive and directional signage

 interpretive and interactive displays

 exhibits and interpretive signage.

 audio/visual equipment

Task 5: Tunnel Investigation 

  Investigation of, and possible detection of tunnels using Ground Radar Equipment only. No actual tunnel exposure and/or entry is required.   

Task 6: Supervision -The Consultant would be responsible for the Supervision of: 

 all new civil and architectural works

 all wall restoration works

 electrical installation works associated with the power and lighting requirements for the new civil and architectural works as well as all displays

 installation of interpretive and directional signage

 installation of interpretive and interactive displays 

 installation of exhibits 

 installation of audio/visual equipment

Task 7: Project Closeout 

 Project closeout activities 

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