Consultancy for the Conduct of an ICT Sector Gap analysis in CARICOM and Development of Digital Cooperation and Digital Agenda Frameworks for Member States and Associate States of CARICOM

Closing Date: June 27, 2022


The project requires a consultancy to undertake a comprehensive review and diagnosis
of the state of the digital economy in the Member States and Associated States of
CARICOM and to prepare a digital agenda and cooperation framework for accelerating
the development of the digital economy in the region. The work will require
engagements with a wide cross section of stakeholders across the Community to obtain
data, information and perspectives on digital adoption and transformation in addition to
desk research. These engagements may be undertaken through mission visits to
countries or facilitated through the internet. The outputs of the consultancy will be
validated at two regional workshops involving specialists and representatives of Member
States in the ICT field. The consultancy will be supported by staff of the CARICOM Secretariat
and the CARICOM ICT Cluster. They will contribute to the consultations and regional workshops.

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