Consultancy for Preparation of Ecosystem Services Valuation within the North East Coast Iyanola Region (NEC-IR)

Closing Date: February 2, 2017


The  overall  objective  of  this  consultancy  is  to  deliver  an  Ecosystems  Services Valuation  (ESV)  of  the  natural  resources  within  the  NEC-IR.  This  ESV  will establish  biodiversity  and  ecosystem  services  information  on  the  economic value  of  marine  and  terrestrial  ecosystems.  These  should  include  mechanisms for  assessing  and  valuing  ecosystem  performance,  as  well  as  documenting results to build on work at the national level. The Consultancy will also identify mechanisms  and  measures  to  integrate  the  values  of  biodiversity  into  relevant national  and  local  policies,  programmes,  planning  processes  and  reporting systems, in a manner suited to national circumstances. 

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