Consultancy: Communications & Knowledge Management Services

Closing Date: March 2, 2016


The purpose of this Consultancy is to enhance knowledge management and create information products which will convert and repackage the collective body of information gathered and/or generated by the activities under Components 1, 2 and 3 of the Intra-ACP APP project for the purposes of improved target- specific reporting, communication and visibility.

 Expected Results

Information products created from results of technical activities and reports emerging from the APP that make the most effective use of this material for use by a range of audiences within and linked to agriculture

development in the region, specifically:

ER.1 Comprehensive assessment of the technical and stakeholder engagement works undertaken by the project from January 2014 to January 2016, with a focus on linking the activities > progress > achievement of project objectives > value added results to date > initial impact > potential to

contribute to national and regional agricultural development priorities and objectives, based on content to be agreed between the Contractor and the PMU.

ER.2 A repository of information products created from baseline assessments, technical studies, meeting reports and other relevant documentation emerging from the APP, that make the most effective use of these material, in print, audio-visual or other forms, as appropriate, available both online and in print format, and ready for use by a range of audiences within and linked to agriculture development in the region.

ER.3 A more proactive engagement with the mainstream media for the promotion and dissemination of APP related activities, results and contributions to enhance awareness and value added of the project among the general public.


Assumptions and Risks

1. The quality of work and deliverables meets the expectations of the Contracting Authority, donor agency, and APP beneficiaries.

2. The information required to produce the knowledge, information communication outputs is readily available and provided in a timely manner.

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