BELIZE MARINE CONSERVATION AND CLIMATE ADAPTATION PROJECT (MCCAP) Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment & Sustainable Development and Immigration STATEMENT OF CAPABILITY

Closing Date: February 8, 2017


Consultant to Develop a Rapid Assessment of Management Effectiveness in Turneffe Atoll Marine Reserve
Grant No: P131408
The Government of Belize, in collaboration with the World Bank (WB) and the Adaptation Fund (AF) is implementing the project entitled “Marine Conservation and Climate Adaptation Project” (MCCAP). The project development objective is to implement priority ecosystem-based marine conservation and climate adaptation measures to strengthen the climate resilience of the Belize Barrier Reef System and its productive marine resources.
MCCAP is seeking an Individual Consultant with the critical minimum requirements listed below:
 Minimum of a Bachelors degree in a Biology, Marine Ecology, Natural Resources Management, or related fields;
 A minimum of 5 years professional experience in planning, coordination and implementation of projects in coastal marine environment;
 At least 3 years experience completing assignments in marine protected area monitoring protocols;
 Experience in development and/or updating management plan for Marine Protected Areas (minimum 3 assignments);
 Experience working with managers of coastal and marine protected areas, NGOs/Co-managers, academic institutions in the Caribbean region and Belize;
 Excellent oral and written skills in English, a working knowledge of Spanish would be an asset.
The expected start date of the Consultancy is March 2017. The total duration of the Consultancy should not exceed 4 months.
MCCAP invites individual consultants interested in undertaking the assignment to submit their Statements of Capability. In submitting their Statements of Capability, applicants should be aware that they will be assessed based on the following areas:
(a) Qualifications
(b) Experience of the individual relative to the particular assignment
(c) Availability of Candidate for the proposed consultancy period.
The terms of reference for the assignments can be requested from
One original and two (2) hard copies of each submission in the English language must be delivered by 3:00 pm on Monday February 13, 2017 to:
Procurement Officer
Protected Areas Conservation Trust (PACT),
#3 Mango Street,
Belmopan City
The sealed envelope containing the Statement of Capability must include the name and address of the applicant and should be clearly marked “Statement of Capability: Consultancy to develop a Rapid Assessment of Management Effectiveness in Turneffe Atoll Marine Reserve
MCCAP shall not be bound to assign any reason for not selecting any applicant and will not defray any costs incurred by the applicant in the preparation and submission of statements
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