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PM Skerrit calls for “collaborative approach” for first climate resilience nation

Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, has said a collaborative approach is needed to realize the government’s idea of making Dominica the first climate resilient country in the world.

Speaking at a government-organized National Rebuilding and Economic Partnership Consultation on Monday, Skerrit said the government cannot do it alone.

“Maria has placed even sharper focus, not only on the need to build back better but also the need to build resilience in all our sectors of our country, in tourism, agriculture, housing, our utilities and public infrastructure,” he said. “So when I speak of making Dominica the first climate resilient nation in the world these are the areas that we seek to target.”

He said building a climate resilient nation is not a task this government can do on its own “given our limitation of resources and expertise.”

“More than that, each of us needs to build resilience in our home and our businesses and therefore this requires a collaborative approach,” the Prime Minister stated. “Your acceptance of our invitation to come here today is a manifestation of your interest and desire to be part of a vision to build a climate resilient nation …it is an indication of your willingness to impart your knowledge, experience, and skill in rebuilding a new Dominica.”

According to Skerrit, there is “no set formula, there is no one size fits all approach or blueprint” for the concept of a climate resilient nation.

“I have traveled the world since September and sat in many international forums and I have not come across any individual who can be considered an expert in the build-out of a climate resilient nation,” he stated. “The world has bought in however to the concept of a climate resilient nation and is looking to Dominica to make this a reality. In the Caribbean, we are particularly vulnerable as small island and low lying states to the ill effects of climate change.”

He stated that CARICOM, the UN Secretary-General, the President of the World Bank, key officials of the European Union, every head of state he has spoken to, key development partners and every climate resilient enthusiast he knows are all keen to play a part in making Dominica the first climate resilient country.

“The world is rooting for us, ladies and gentlemen,” the Prime Minister noted. “But we must play our part.”

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