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Closing Date: August 16, 2022

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The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB or the Bank) is seeking to recruit a national from its member countries to fill the position of Senior Integrity, Compliance and Accountability Officer (SIO) in the Office of Integrity, Compliance and Accountability. The successful candidate will be based at CDB’s headquarters in St. Michael, Barbados.


The Office of Integrity, Compliance and Accountability (ICA) was created pursuant to the Strategic Framework. ICA is an operationally independent office, i.e., ICA is independent of the operations of the Bank. ICA oversees five key governance functions: Institutional Integrity; Ethics; Whistleblowing; Compliance; and Accountability (the Functions). Specifically, ICA is an office that:

  1. promotes integrity and works to deter, detect, investigate and recommend sanctions for all violations related to fraudulent, corrupt, collusive, coercive and other corrosive practices and violations (Integrity Violations);
  1. promotes ethics and investigates and recommends sanctions for violations of the Bank’s Code of Conduct (Ethics Violations);
  1. oversees compliance with standards, policies and procedures to combat money laundering and terrorist financing, to investigate related violations and to conduct monitoring to avoid violation of financial sanctions;
  1. manages the Bank’s Whistle blower System which is a mechanism for (i) the confidential intake, assessment, secure handling and independent investigation of all whistleblowing submissions and reports of Integrity Violations, Ethics Violations, Compliance related violations and project complaints; and (ii) the protection of Whistle blowers from retaliation; and
  1. manages a Project Complaints Mechanism which will be created to, where applicable, receive, respond to, investigate and work to resolve all citizen complaints that allege environmental and social harm caused by projects financed by the Bank.


This position reports directly to the Head, ICA. The Senior Integrity, Compliance and Accountability Officer (SIO) will leverage his/her knowledge and skills in prevention and investigation-related tasks across relevant functional areas of ICA’s work.


The job will require the SIO to:

  • Review, draft and/or refine policies and procedures across all functional areas of ICA’s work to operationalise the Strategic Framework and to make recommendations as appropriate to the Head, ICA to help ensure that ICA is streamlined, efficient and fully functional;
  • Conduct prevention activities assigned including, internal training exercises, analysis of investigative data, trends, best practices and lessons learned from ICA investigations for proactive risk assessments, training, mitigation of vulnerabilities, design of controls and other prevention activities aligned with ICA’s strategy;
  • Lead and/or supervise the conduct of administrative investigations of violations of the Strategic Framework including to:
  • conduct preliminary and other eligibility assessments, desk-reviews, investigation plans that include appropriate scoping, risk identification, analysis, visualisations and resourcing;
  • design strategies, investigation plans and methodologies to establish facts, collect and analyse evidence, make legally sound and logical conclusions and to use modern investigative methodologies, software, technology, and analytical techniques;
  • lead in-country investigative missions, including joint missions with CDB partner organisation, conduct site inspections and verification visits including  engagements with communities and senior stakeholders;
  • draft investigative findings, requests, recommendations, compile investigation reports, quality assessments, action plans, ad hoc briefs, records, accurately and succinctly to ensure timely completion and efficient decision-making, negotiate settlement agreement, and monitor and follow-up on management action plans; and
  • manage ICA’s consultants recruited and other persons engaged by ICA including investigators and independent experts as directed by the Head, ICA.
  • Prepare the ICA Annual Report (a summary of all ICA’s activities over the preceding year) and similar reports as directed by the Head, ICA, implement ICA’s communication strategies protocols, and respond to enquiries about ICA and its work;
  • Represent ICA at international for a, participate in and contribute to ICA’s in-reach, stakeholder consultations, meetings, conferences and outreach events related to the work of ICA, including to increase proactively the visibility of ICA at such fora, and to support ICA’s ability to collaborate and work with other stakeholders for the benefit of the Bank and its stakeholders;
  • Contribute to the efficient, prompt, fair, consistent, and independent delivery by ICA of its work, and to conduct any other tasks related to contribute to operationalisation of the Strategic Framework and ICA’s mandate as directed by the Head, ICA.


The incumbent must have the following minimum technical competencies:

  • A first degree and postgraduate degree in a related field, preferably Law, Investigations, Law Enforcement, Internal Audit and any relevant diplomas and certifications;
  • Significant professional experience in an institutional integrity office, ethics office, independent accountability function in an international organisation, international financial institution, multilateral development bank, a law enforcement authority, law chambers, or corporate in-house counsel office in a role that involved the conduct of prevention activities and/or investigations.
  • As regards investigations the role must have involved the application of sound and extensive knowledge and leadership in one or more of the following types of investigations:
  • general integrity investigations of corruption, fraud including cyber-fraud, money laundering, cybercrime, financial or general wrongdoing;
  • internal investigations of ethics violations and staff misconduct;
  • compliance review and other investigations of project complaints alleging environmental or social harm;
  • legal or external investigations by law firms of corporate wrongdoing; and/or
  • general corporate internal investigations of wrongdoing.

The following would be considered assets:

  • Experience with resolving complaints and grievances using negotiation, mediation, and other non-litigation conflict resolution techniques would be an asset;
  • Familiarity with investigative tools and software for analysis and visualizations, link charts and reports; et;
  • Fluency in written and spoken English. Fluency in any one or more of French or Dutch.
  • Sound knowledge of investigative best practices and standards applicable to administrative investigations undertaken by multilateral development banks;
  • Fluency in written and spoken English. Fluency in any one or more of French or Dutch, would be an asset.


Function Specific Competencies:

The SIO must demonstrate:

  • Strong leadership and analytical skills
  • The ability to understand all the Bank’s activities and how they must integrate to achieve the organisation’s strategic goals.
  • The ability to organise and manage teams of investigators and experts used for investigation, review, disciplinary and appeal panels.
  • The ability to demonstrate strong critical thinking skills.
  • The ability to communicate and listen effectively.
  • The ability to organise, interpret and present information in a meaningful way to diverse audiences.
  • The ability to act professionally, confidentially and with discretion.
  • Excellent analytical skills and experience sufficient to plan, conduct, manage and report on various types of simple and complex investigations;
  • Excellent research skills;
  • Ability to use investigative tools and software for analysis and visualizations, link charts and reports would be an asset;
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills including the ability to prepare written material clearly and concisely, present, discuss and defend issues, findings, and recommendations at senior levels and to produce complex and compelling presentations, briefs, assessments, investigation reports and papers;
  • High ethical standards and an uncompromising sense of integrity, ethics, personal responsibility, ambition, and accountability

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Notice expires at 11:59pm on Tuesday August 16th, 2022

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